Name: Marie Boberg


Telephone: +46 23 312 51

Mobile:  +46 70 49 34 350





Name: Roger Boberg





Name: Lena Maria Främst





Name: Madelene Främst





Name:Kebba NdowDarboe





Name: Egil Eklund





Name: Omar Sarr





Name: Lisa Ekström

Here is a presentation of the boardmembers. Myself, Marie Boberg, 59 years old, rich on life experience. I have worked with people with difficulties most of my life, living on a small farm in the forest.
Members of the group agreed that I would be Chairman because I can credibly convey the poverty of Africa's children live in and what it means in their lives.


Lena Främst, 49 years, a very careful woman when it comes to paperwork and with good knowledge of working life as a secretary. Lena works as a preschool teacher and has a great empathy for children and desire to help them.


As treasurer Roger Boberg was elected, he is my husband and who can keep track of numbers and money. He is also in his professional life accustomed formal contacts with the authorities.


Madelene Främst, 23 years old, educated in the media and with good contacts that may be useful to us. She, too, with an interest in these children, and willing to devote time to newsletters, etc.


Kebba NdowDarboe, member. Our coordinator and team leader in Gambia. Works in the hotel and restaurant business in Bakau. A man with seemingly inexhaustible energy.

Egil Eklund, new member. A very skilled and well educated young man with lots of ideas and good opinions.

Omar Sarr, deputy. Growe up in Bakau in The Gambia. Swedish citizen for 16 years. Married with two children. A link between the Gambia and Sweden. Working as a personal assistant.

Lisa Ekström, deputy. A young woman with a warm heart that beats for Africa and Manduar. She has visited the village several times and also has a godchild in The Gambia.

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