My name is Marie Boberg, and I want to share with you the events that later became Aspeboda Foundation.

Life is full of coincidences, or is it perhaps the case that there is a meaning to what is happening ... Yes, no matter what we think about this we are faced with the impression that sometimes changes life. I made with my daughter a trip to Gambia to visit the godchild that she got as a gift for her 18th birthday.


It was a week that made a strong impression on us both. We were met by a poverty that we have only seen on television before. 

We made up simple guidelines how we could create a group and what the goals might be. When we got home from Africa we had visions of starting this project, but really did not know how, but we were still very clear about that we would work to give African children hope.


 Back home again my work started to find good partners with a lot of knowledge and commitment, it was not nearly as difficult as I had imagined, seven interested friends whom I have great confidence in met up with me an evening, where I was trying to communicate to all the feelings I was filled of after the visit in Africa.


My feelings were filled with empathy for the difficulties the people I met were living with, and with words, I wanted to share what poverty meant for these children, but also the smiles and the gratitude they had shown me.

After a few weeks of consideration and many questions we formed a working group under the name Aspeboda Foundation, in dense and close contact with our African friend and professional officer and leader in place. After the formalities required to form this kind of an association, we finally started the work in Aspeboda Foundation For Children, AFFC. This was in the summer of 2011.