The Gambia

National Anthem of The Gambia

For The Gambia Our Homeland

Gambia is a small country with an area of about 11 000 km2 on Africa West Coast, surrounded on three sides of the Republic of Senegal and in west with bordering the Atlantic. It is located between 13 and 14 degrees north and 16 degrees west in Sahel region.


Gambia River, the most important watercourse, extends to 400 km from east to Atlantic in west and divides the country in two parts.

River valley is swamp-like and often flooding during rainy season. Adjacent areas consists of sandy savannas and are also flooded during the rainy season which in recent years have led to disasters as hit families and children.


Gambia has a population of about 1.8 one million and the population growth is 2.5% per year. About 43% of the population lives on the countryside (In 1975 that number was 83%). Agriculture is the primary occupation of rural population with cultivation for own consumption or cash crops. Major exportable items of the country are fish, peanuts, and cotton.


Furthermore, 54% of the population are 25 year or younger and that very young population results in socioeconomic challenges.

The average income in The Gambia is less than 600 U.S. $ per capita. Very less than so on countryside. This makes the country to one of world at least developed, ranked as number 168 of total 187 in UNDP HumanDevelopment Index Report (HDI) for year 2011

(Data for 2011 from World Bank Data published in 2012)