Project Preschool

Gambia is hard hit by poverty, more than 60% of the rural population is classified as poor (2009). Despite programs to reduce poverty constantly growing number of poor and the already poor have less and less to live on.


One way out of poverty is through education, but to get to school requires school uniforms and school meals, which many families can not afford.


Our goal is to 2012 to open a preschool for 50 children who would otherwise never get the opportunity, and by that maybe give them the ability to create a secure future and find a path out of poverty.

Why this project for children?


Many organizations in the Gambia that works to promote children's rights and welfare are focused on certain regions. This means that these organizations do a great job for the kids, but their activities are highly geographically restricted to selected areas.


This makes it almost impossible for some groups of children, especially in the interior of the country, to take part of the basic support they need due to their very poor living conditions.


This project will contribute to helping these children. The project will work to provide children in remote villages in Gambia with food, clothing, education, etc. with the help from friendly, helpful people and institutions around Sweden and the world.


The project will provide knowledge about children living in these difficult conditions to potential donors who want to contribute to smiling faces of these children and their families. This is the thinking that is the fundamental for the formation of this foundation.

Preschool location


The preschool will be located in the village Manduar in Kiang West District, Lower River Region. Manduar will be one of the areas where Aspeboda Foundation will work to help children in The Gambia.


The construction of the kindergarten is the initial phase of a long-term plan for the establishment of many pre-schools in several impoverished areas in the Lower River Region. This region belongs to the poorest parts of the Gambia. This means that people in this area and especially children are having very difficult to meet their basic needs.


In the village Manduar lives in total 1134 people and children and young people make up more than 51% of the population. Of residents estimated to be 45% illiterate, widespread illiteracy are among older men and women. The village has a primary school that was started 1981. Compulsory school only accepts children when they reached the age of 7 or 8 years. Younger children are usually idle at home when they instead could attend school preparatory activities. Access to a preschool in the area will greatly contribute to the preparation of the village children for the future.


In a preliminary discussion with the village head, the Alkalo, and some elderly people in the village, it was noted that the villagers have some priorities of which we mention the following four:

• Access to clean water

• Training for village children

• Measures for income generating employment / investment in women

• Construction of preschool

The area for the building has been provided by the village head (the Alkalo) at no cost to the project. This will be the village's contribution to show appreciation for the kindness to establish preschools in this area. The costs presented below include the initial construction of the preschool, but the running costs will also be distributed. In the future, the school can be expanded to accommodate more children.

Here we have the final calculation for the housing. We have set a budget price of 280 000 GMD (about 64 000 SEK)


If it falls below a bonus will be paid to a fund for housing, groves, maintenance etc.
The village will provide at least two volunteers during construction, for food allowance.
Thus we were able to negotiate down the cost for the entrepreneur.


This prints the 3 December 2012. As it stands now the construction start next weekend,
the 8th with a great party. Everyone is invited.





The estimate for preschool excluding painting and decoration
in Gambian Dalasi (GMD)


Materials  Quantity  Unit Cost  Total amount
Cement  300  190  57 000
Sand  10 4000  40 000
Gravel  6 2500  15 000
Stone  3 3500  10 500
Doors  6 3000  18 000
Curugates  12 1500  18 000
Nails 2 1200  2 400
Transportatation 1 15000  15 000
Roofing  150  180  27 000
Contract Service 1 70 000  70 000
    Total   272 900 (over 60 000 SEK)

An initial list of the children who will be enrolled in school are below. All children will be photographed and the images sent to AFFC in Sweden.


These photos will be posted on the website and displayed for more people to collect money. The list below will be supplemented with an additional group of 19 children, which means a total of 70 children enrolled at the start.




This is the plan for the preschool house, with facilities for children, work and healthcare


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