Become a sponsor!

Manduar belong to the poorest villages in the Gambia, which in turn belongs to the poorest and smallest countries in Africa. Almost everyone in the village trying to make a living in agriculture, which has become increasingly difficult as the climate became drier. Many of the men in the village are also trying to find a job in the tourism industry in the season.


In Manduar many children are expecting to get a sponsor familiy. They live in difficult conditions when it comes to food, education and health. Often missing one or both parents. Family incomes are often too small to even have enough food or beeing able to afford school uniforms and stationery to the children.


As a sponsor or sponsor family you pay 200 SEK / month.
Then SEK 50 goes directly to the child's family. The remaining SEK 150 goes to a fund for maintenance and expansion of water for the village inhabitants and preschool. The fund's assets will also be used for village plantations and other corporate assets. The Fund also ensures sponsor child health.


You will be able to follow "your" childs development in pictures and text documented by our volunteers in the village, Nuha and Omar Camara. You can of course also follow the development of our various projects in the village through our website and monthly reports we get from there.


To travel and visit the village and your godchild is also possible with the help of AFFC in Gambia. In addition, the Gambia a beautiful country with a long Atlantic coastline and wonderful people and well worth visiting.